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Online dating There are roughly two ways of using dating systems, the most common one is to use it to find a real partner ( for a relation or just sex.. An other way to use these systems is to get involved in something called “cybering”.

Cybering is a virtual sexual encounter via the internet, using a wide array of tools like email, chat programs ( with or without a webcam involved ) or even online games.

Here we can connect to the servers and play with other adults.

It is a great chance to meet people with similar fantasies and erotic desires.

I must admit I follow this whole dating & cyber sex phenomena from a distance, I’ve never been really involved in it myself ( the closest thing was an “investigation” of Second life’s adult scene for an article I was working on ).

I do find this whole online sex thing an intriguing way of using the internet, somehow it’s a natural evolution from those relationship agencies and human interaction through chat systems and social media.

While there wasn’t really anything to see ( just two elves sitting on the floor using the in-game chat system to describe their sexual activities ) it did bring “cybersex” in the picture for a “mainstream” audience.

An other game that is not really designed for cybering, but does have a large community engaged in it, is Second Life.

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I'm turned on with fantasy's with older men, threesomes, playing with myself while a man watches me.Second Life’s open world system allows people to create their own content, including animations, rooms, tools etc…It’s not much of a surprise people soon started to use this “tool set” for more naughty purposes, like virtual sex.And gentlemen I role play but I don't look for a dom I look for a lover.I'm afraid you're all just going to have to wait until I have a little time.