Guam meeting dating

It is the Port's vision to transform its facility into a world class terminal for Guam and the Western Pacific Region.

Employed with 338 dedicated civil service employees, the Port Authority is staffed with around–the–clock personnel to ensure efficient loading, off-loading, and transshipment services.

The recent passage of Public Law 29–125 has given the Port Authority conditional approval of its updated Master Plan which will serve as the road map for the Port's modernization.

Guam is not that big compared to a place like Oahu, and has a total population of only 175,000 or so. Next subtract the number of underage females, subtract the number of over age females, subtract the number of females that are married, subtract the number of females that don't date males, and subtract the number of females that are not into the dating scene.

Now add all the single local males looking for dates (and a wife).

Add all the military males (and females) who are looking for dates as well.

And add all the male tourist and contractors who also are looking for dates from the dwindling supply of available females....