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Yet, did you know that the show was also the birthplace of a number of relationships in real life too?Indeed, many members of the cast gave love a try during their time of the show, some with more success than others.After Austin joined the show as Julian though, they fell in love and remained in a relationship on-and-off for four years.Sadly, it wasn't in the cards and they waved each other goodbye just as One Tree Hill came to an end in 2012.It forced me to “put up a wall that made it look like I didn't care about anyone but myself.But Stephen was the most important thing in my life, and there was nothing I cared about more." Kristin admits that she came across like a “mean girl," but was never quite prepared for what she saw on screen.

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Coletti, now, 30, comes out smelling like a rose in the book, out now.After some serious investigating, here is your update on where the season one and two best seller list.After years of watching her pine over Stephen, Lauren finally found herself a hunky lawyer, William Tell, whom she married earlier this month.Olenick's parents, in turn, have tried to block some of those records from being released, saying the "mental and behavioral health records" are "irrelevant and immaterial" to the case.What Olenick "may have discussed with a behavioral health care provider as a teenager" is not relevant to the question of whether Coletti and Isaacs were negligent in their care of Olenick, wrote James Cardea, an attorney for the parents, in a response to the court opposing the subpoena requests.