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Children are of Netherlands education) from age five for 12 years of full-time education (until 16), plus one or two years part-time until the attainment of a diploma (until 18).Additionally, private schools following particular religious or pedagogic principles have received equal state funding as public schools since 1917. Het is tijd om naar de gym te gaan en misschien geen muurbloempje meer te zijn. Hou je klanten tevreden in het fitnesscentrum door iedereen zo snel mogelijk te helpen!The Dutch school system, however, is quite unique and the choice can be confusing for new international parents.This guide to the Netherlands education system explains everything you need to choose from the multitude of schools in the Netherlands and enrol your child into the Netherlands school system: The Netherlands is among the world’s top countries for equity in education opportunities, which means anyone can open a school based on their personal beliefs, provided they meet Dutch education system standards.