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She was a gifted singer and made money by singing songs on stage.Although she said that she didn’t enjoy singing in the beginning, she gradually developed a taste in it.Twain said she not only lost her husband, but her producer and co-writer when she split with in Robert John "Mutt" Lange."I hadn't written a song without this man in 14 years.... ," she said in an interview won The Oprah Winfrey Show.Twain, whose 1997 album "Come on Over" was a huge crossover hit, revealed that she also suffers from dysphonia, an ailment where the muscles squeeze the voice box."My fears and anxieties throughout my whole life have been slowly squeezing my voice," Twain told Winfrey.Shania Twain was born as Eilleen Regina Edwards in Ontario, Canada as the eldest of three daughters born to mother Sharon and father Clarence Edwards.When she was just two years of age, her parents got divorced and she moved to Timmins with her mother.Her mother re-married to a working man, and due to lack of proper income, they had a tough lifestyle.

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Twain, who has stepped away from the spotlight the last few years, has an autobiography due out in the spring and is scheduled to have her own show on Oprah Winfrey's television network.© 2010 The Associated Press. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.In an interview, she said "My deepest passion was music and it helped.There were moments when I thought, ' I hate this.' I hated going into bars and being with drunks. She started to write her own songs from 10 years of age."We probably spent more time in the control room, fiddling with knobs and synths and computers and drum machines than actually playing together as a band," he says."As I look back at the last three albums, each one had progressively less and less songs that we could play live." Muse produced their last two albums themselves, but this time around they decided to bring in an outsider.