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Since his very public fall from grace in 2011, former Dior designer Galliano has steered clear of the online whirlwind associated with contemporary fashion designers, taking sanctuary at Margiela - a house that offers its designers so much anonymity they need not even take a bow at the end of their shows.

After being fired from Dior for an antisemitic rant outside a Paris café, these days Galliano is making amends and moving forward with his life and sobriety. However, I do take complete responsibility for my recovery and making amends.The only limit is the breadth of your own imagination.Passionate music from Argentina and Mexico, a conductor who brings us the spirit of «El Sistema» from Venezuela, Buenos Aires-born Michael Barenboim, and the accordion star Richard Galliano – a South American reconnaissance trip with the promise of discovery.The designer spoke at a Jewish Culture event this weekend and, of course, talked a little bit about “I love Hitler”-gate, once again reiterating that his substance abuse was partly to blame for the incident, while acknowledging that his personal struggles with alcohol provide no good reason for his behavior. I get a daily reprieve from this disease and that comes from total abstinence.”Galliano says that he has no one else to blame but himself for what transpired that night, although he did say that working for Dior and creating multiple collections a year did push him to the edge, saying, “I think I would be dead” had he not been dismissed from the label.“I used to blame everyone for what happened, but now I bear no resentment.