Snapon ratchet dating

Thus, Snap-on tools are sold only by dealers and none are sold in retail stores.

Their quality is highly regarded but their prices are also among the very highest.

And that growth should continue as the increasing complexity of cars and trucks creates new demand for the company’s products.

With its shares (ticker: SNA) up more than 330% since 2005, the maker of ratchets, wrenches, and diagnostic systems for auto mechanics and service stations is in a rarefied league more typically occupied by high-tech darlings such...

The text notes that the collection would make up 50 wrenches, which was sometimes summarized in a "5 Do the Work of 50" catch phrase.

I've never had one break, the quality seems very good and everything has a no-hassle lifetime warranty (heck, Home Depot will honor the Craftsman warranty and replace with Husky brand). If you're a weekend handyman, then they're probably not worth the extra cost to you.

The GM70-L and the 9/32 M70-L (20 tooth) are the same ratchet with different inserts. The 1st photo is an M-70M converted to ¼ and is the same as a GM-70M, The third and Fourth TM-70B in Chrome and the GM-70S in industrial finish – These are identical The 4th ratchet is GM-70L in post war chrome The labels at the bottom show the logo differences 19.

In 19 the ¼ inch ratchet existed, but no sockets were offered. The ratchets are (L and M) are 20 tooth miniatures of the full size 3/8 and ½ ratchets The on top is a 1946 illustration.

They wanted like 0 for virtually the same set I could get from Craftsman for 0...

I know all Snap-On stuff comes with a lifetime warranty, but my question is, do you all really think it's worth the extra price?