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In April's Cubase Notes we looked at processing audio offline in Cubase SX/SL, including the use of the Offline Process History feature for undoing processing carried out on audio files.When you're doing this kind of work, it's important to understand exactly how audio is handled within Cubase — so if you're not sure about the differences between files, clips, events, parts and regions, this should be the workshop to clear up any misunderstandings.But before getting started with your new AIR or Sonivox plugins, they'll first need to be authorized.This article walks through the easiest way to create an account and authorize your new plugins, as well as tips on deactivating and moving licenses for use on other computers.The Vocal Studio and Producer USB has been in production for some time now, and has gone through a few subtle changes over the years.While th Activating and Deactivating AIR and Sonivox Plugins If you've purchased an M-Audio product recently, you may have received some complimentary plugins from AIR and Sonivox, such as Hybrid, Twist, Wobble and more.

If you just purchased an M-Audio Vocal Studio or Producer USB, you may be wondering: Do I need drivers for this?Just take into account that in some of these demo projects "Groove Agent One" is being used.This VST Instrument is not included in Cubase Pro 8.5. Detailed instructions on how to do this can be found here.Next time you start your Steinberg program it will create a new folder with fresh preferences and default settings - which hopefully fixes the problem you've experienced.Please note: Make sure to hide or remove preferences folders of all installations of your Steinberg program.

Cubase updating media file