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Even before dating begins, your mentor will be there to give over the expectations of traditional frum dating and Jewish dating customs.Your mentor can work with shadchanim to screen suggestions and help you check references.Traveling from New Jersey, Monsey, Long Island, and Brooklyn, our faculty is dedicated to giving their audience an enriched learning experience.Our staff is trained to discuss matters on all levels, and they make themselves available on a daily basis.A Rebbetzins mentor is a teacher, confidante, a role model and an advocate for you.Your mentor will be there with a listening ear and can provide fully informed, personalized advice after dates.Growing up in a family affiliated with organizations like Arachim and Gateways, with a strong involvement in kiruv, she has personal and hands-on experience with drawing people closer to Judaism.Professionally, aside from working in a non profit organization as the executive director for a number of years, Sharona has spent many years working in sales and administration in the corporate business world.

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Someone recently posted a private video on You Tube that was never meant to be publicized to several blogs and forums, after which it went viral and I was disturbed to see such vitriol aimed at a Rabbi who was only trying to prove a point.

Our Mission • Location • Our Vision • About Naava Ohr Naava is comprised of a team of professional educators and caring individuals who serve as role models and mentors.

Private appointments can be made with each staff member to discuss personal matters.

They will work together with your mentors and the people who know you well to suggest the shidduchim that are best suited for you.

Rebbetzins is not just about setting you up on dates, but offering personal advice and guidance throughout the entire shidduch process.